11th International Conference on Polymers and Organic
Chemistry 2004 (POC'04) will be held in Prague, Czech Republic

July 18-23, 2004

The conference was the 11th meeting of the series Polymers in Organic Chemistry (1982, Lyon, France, 1984, Lancaster, UK, 1986, Jerusalem, Israel, 1988, Barcelona, Spain, 1990, Kyoto, Japan, 1994, Venice, Italy, 1996, Wroclaw, Poland, 1998, Maa'ale Hachamisha, Israel, 2000, Tianjin, China, San Diego, USA, 2002)

POC'06 is scheduled to be held near Nagoya, Japan in 2006

Contributions submitted for presentation at POC'04

POC'04 International advisory board:

POC'04 Organizing Committee:

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